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Craft Ideas a la internet

Some shortcuts to craft ideas for the Friday at Crisis sessions.


Skateboard Design

This is a resource for a GCSE art project.

General google search

Specific pages of skull designs

Skateboard Artwork


1. consider the different ways a design could be applied to a skateboard:

a) Vinyl sticker

b) Stencil & spray/sponged acrylic

c) Freehand acrylic


2. Consider different designs that would suit each type of application (task 1), and the pros and cons of each technique. Use the links above to get started on finding examples.


3. Create at least 3 different designs per application type.


4. Look at expanding the design beyond the basic skull design, and using the entire board as a canvas. Think about textures/patterns that would work with/behind the main design.


More tasks to follow…


Things to remember:

  • if you are looking at either application type a or b then you need to keep the lines clean, and have a small set number of solid colours (no shading)
  • a or b will reduce the amount of time required to apply the design and with greater accuracy
  • c will give a greater possibility of shading and detail



Behind The Headlines (28th February 2015)

The Power and The Curse of Social Media


What is Social Media?


Pros & Cons

Breaking news

 Mobilising political Movements

Click Bait & Memes

You only die twice..


That Dress




The traditional media outlets on Social Media



Behind The Headlines 7th February 2015

In the news this week:

10 things we didn’t know last week….

Pick of the news


In other news


Behind The Headlines (31st January 2015)

This week


This one is something that’s not going to go away….

Now click on this one

but other news agencies are taking the story and running it too…





Behind The Headlines (24th January 2015)

News this Week




Behind The Headlines (17th January 2015)

Here are some useful links for today’s session:

Some News Links:

 What’s in the news this week

Airbrushing the news…


Israeli Orthodox Newspaper (this week)


Poll Tax Riot Image




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